What is wide format printing?

Wide-format printers are printing machines that generally use a print roll width between 18 inches and 100 inches. Wide-format printers are ideal for creating print products such as banners, posters, and trade show graphics. Rolls of a substrate are usually used with wide format printers, allowing larger products to be created, as opposed to other printers that may only use singular sheets of a substrate. The results are large and quality print products that you can use in a variety of ways.

Our wide format printing services

If you’re looking for quality wide-format print products, then you’re looking in the right place. At NPS, we provide a wide range of products that use wide format printing. These include banners, posters, and other promotional products. With a variety of uses, our wide format printing services are on hand to deliver a huge variety of products, for any use and purpose.

What technology does wide format printing use?

Wide-format printers usually use digital printing technology to create products. This is because longer sheets of a substrate can be used, and it’s often a more economical choice for products that have smaller runs. For example, you may likely only need a limited number of banners printed in a wide format. It’s easier and more affordable to print these digitally than to prepare a plate for litho printing. Ultimately, wide format printing can be done at a low cost without surrendering quality, giving you large and luxury print products.

What are the benefits of wide-format printing?

Large, quality, and affordable, wide format printing has many benefits beyond the press. Thanks to the technology used, wide format prints can be created quickly to your specifications. Even more, having a large print means that you can stand out from the crowd. Wide-format printing creates an air of establishment, showing that your business or product is standing the test of time. Whether you use wide format printing for posters, banners, or promotional materials, you’ll be recognisable and visible no matter where your print products are displayed.

No matter your design needs, we have you covered.

We always use best practices and the right technology to offer our range of design services, making sure that the work we produce is perfect for you and your business. From simple websites that are built to last, to a range of printed promotional products, our designs always come with your target audience in mind.


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Our design for print case studies

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The Greggs Foundation is a grant making charity based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, closely associated with Greggs plc.

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It’s been an extremely challenging time for our friends at The Metro Centre with the severe impact of the pandemic on the retail and hospitality industry and the fresh rebranding it has been a time of significant change.

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Print FAQs

Absolutely, we love to see our clients own work and bring it to life for you. If you have personal artwork you would like printed for frame, a t shirt or for your new favourite mug or copies to share with your friends and family we can make this a reality for you with the same personal touch you created it with.

Memories are precious and for those of us who are old enough to remember waiting in line to have photographs developed we know over the years and generations some can sadly lose their quality. However, our expert team of designers and printers take pleasure in restoring your moments captured like they were yesterday.

When deciding which option is best, consider the number you need produced in the specified time. If you want a smaller amount printed quickly, digital printing is the best option; and if you need to produce a large quantity of print, then litho printing is the better option.

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Digital colour print

Bring your print project to life with vibrant colours that will catch the eye of your customers.

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Litho print

Litho print can be used to print on a range of materials, including paper and cardboard. We use lithographic ink that's better for the environment too.

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Promotional print

With your company name or logo on hand, we can help you decide the best printing methods and products to promote your business.

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Delivery and print turnaround

We work at speed to turnaround and deliver your print products, without sacrificing quality or service.

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