Behind every good project is a creative concept. Our experts work with a passion and hunger to turn ideas into innovative and eye-catching designs for the projects we deliver.

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Print is a powerful tool for your brand. With eye-catching designs printed on your choice of material, we can help your offline presence flourish.


Brand Design

Strong branding is vital for making a memorable impression on your customers. We will work with you to execute the ultimate brand look and feel.

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Web Design

Every business needs a good website. We create and build high-quality websites that look great and perform even better.

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Web Development

As your business grows so will your website. We always develop our websites with the user experience in mind.

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Design FAQs

When deciding which option is best, consider the number you need produced in the specified time. If you want a smaller amount printed quickly, digital printing is the best option; and if you need to produce a large quantity of print, then litho printing is the better option.

What can’t you brand? The only limit is your imagination! At NPS we love for our clients to stand out and will go above and beyond to find that perfect piece of marketing that takes your brand to the next level.

Litho print (also known as Lithographic printing) is the king of the print market and ideal for most types of printing. Using wet ink and plates this takes longer to set up as the design has to be made on printing plates however when ready litho printing can produce 18,000 sheets per hour. This makes Litho much more suited for longer print runs of over 10,000 copies.

Digital printing needs very little set up time similar to your office printer offering impressive quality results on shorter runs up to 10,000 copies. Quick and easy. Once the print has begun, it can produce around 4,800 sheets per hour.

Anything above that is most suited to Litho printing and would be more cost effective for the customer.

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We always use best practices and the right technology to offer our range of design services, making sure that the work we produce is perfect for you and your business. From simple websites that are built to last, to a range of printed promotional products, our designs always come with your target audience in mind.