NPS Group are proud to be one of selected local businesses supporting the team during this chapter in the centre’s history.

As you walk through the malls the place is bright with eye catching large format window displays and hoardings with a number being printed and fitted by the NPS team.

We love working with the Metro Centre management team and are proud to continue to support them on this journey, with more large scale projects underway keep an eye out for the next instalment.


Print FAQs

Absolutely, we love to see our clients own work and bring it to life for you. If you have personal artwork you would like printed for frame, a t shirt or for your new favourite mug or copies to share with your friends and family we can make this a reality for you with the same personal touch you created it with.

Memories are precious and for those of us who are old enough to remember waiting in line to have photographs developed we know over the years and generations some can sadly lose their quality. However, our expert team of designers and printers take pleasure in restoring your moments captured like they were yesterday.

When deciding which option is best, consider the number you need produced in the specified time. If you want a smaller amount printed quickly, digital printing is the best option; and if you need to produce a large quantity of print, then litho printing is the better option.

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